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The HydroCleaner

HydroCleanerTM machine produces upto 18 highly performing of different strength solutions for disinfection and cleaning usages.
Effective in limiting propogation of the current Covid-19 pandemic / infectious diseases. A good answer to this worldwide major issue.
More environmentally friendly than toxic-chemical products, the HydroCleanTM solution is also biodegradable.
HydroCleanTM is very easy to use, and its production can be done "on the spot".

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The Hydrocleaner TM Machine

For larger volumes (bottling, other bulk usage)
one external tank included

Hygiene Practices - Reducing the Spread of Diseases

Cleaning, Disinfection and Sterllization - Definitions

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Since HydroCleanTM solution can favourably replace conventional chemicals in a wide variety of disinfection and cleaning applications, with a significantly lower impact on the environment, its potential is huge. In that sense, HydroCleanerTM machine could become the technology of choice for a growing number of well known international corporations and businesses, as well as for money small & medium enterprises (SME) and for the public sector.


Ease of Use

  • User-friendly: push the button, fill the bottle and get started Pleasent to use - netural pH, no skin irritation
  • Non effluent, non-toxic, non-allergic.
  • No need to use various products (cleaning degreasing, then disinfection) on the same application (window glass, etc.)
  • One-step cleaning and disinfection: faster cleaning and disinfection job
  • No post-use rinse required saving water and time

Cleaning & Disinfection Effectiveness

  • HydroCleanTM is the next generation of cleaning and disinfection solutions
  • Free from toxic chemicals: consisting of oxidizing agents atleast as effective against pathogenic microorganism as toxic chemicals
  • HydroCleanerTM electrode allows for higher conversion rate of inputs:
    • higher concentration of active molecules
    • higher cleaning and disinfection effectiveness

On site Self-made Hygiene

  • Customers get the fresh solution for the application (up to 18 different applications), when they need, in the quantity they want, any time On-site production
  • No product shelf-life risk
  • Largely available consumables: water & salt (NaCL)
  • No product shortage risk

Sustainable & Environmentally Friendly

  • Using only natural ingredients (water & salt)
  • HydroCleanTM solutions are safer for humans, animal and food than traditional chemical products
  • Alcohol-free contains no phosphate, phenol-free, VOC-free
  • After evaporation, the product rapidly breaks down entirely to salt water and its not harmful to septic wastewater treatment system
  • Much better environment footprint than traditional products

Reducing Complexity

  • One dispenser, up to 18 different formulations
  • Each formulation tailor-made for a specific application (windows glass, kitchen table, toilet, kitchen floor, etc.)
  • No need to manage the inventory, purchasing, storage and packaging disposal of several toxic chemical disinfectants

Lower Cost

  • Cheap and largely available consumables: electricity, water, salt(NaCI)
  • Membrane-free electrolysis process: No need for frequent membrane replacement
  • Demand electrode:
    • longer lasting
    • no erosion of electorde
    • no need for frequent replacement
    • much more energy efficient compared to extra space previous electrolyse water technologies
    • less electricity consumption