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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different cleaning and disinfectant products dispensed from this machine?

There are 15 pre-installed disinfectant products or recipes. However users can set or modify recipes as desired but with assistance from company authorized service personnel.
Name Application
Glass Surface Cleaning & disinfection of glass surfaces
Kitchen Workspace Cleaning & disinfection of kitchen work surfaces.
Utensils / Equipment Disinfection of utensils & kitchen appliances & equipment
Floor Cleaning & disinfection of noncritical floors (except natural stones)
Washroom Cleaning & disinfection of non-critical Toilets bowls, sinks and urinals
Laundry Disinfection of white cloth
Critical Area-Floor Cleaning & disinfection of critical floors (except natural stones)
Critical Area-Washroom Cleaning & disinfection of critical Toilet bowl, sinks, urinals
Infected surface(Biofine) Disinfection of hospital/critical clean surfaces wherever degreasing is not required
Granite/ Marble Cleaning & disinfection of natural stones (Granite, Marble etc.)
Steel Furniture Disinfection of Stainless steel metals
Room fogging Fumigation
Hand sanitizer Hand sanitizer
Swimming pool Disinfection of swimming pool water
Heavy Oil Cleaning & disinfection heavy oil surfaces

What kind of dispensing facility does this machine have?

There are 2 machines variants Pro-Flask and Pro-Tank machine. Pro-Flask has flask and external tank dispense and Pro-Tank has only external tank dispense with larger storage capacity.

What is the size of machine?

a. Pro-Tank – 1275 (H) x 580(W) x 635(D) mm – 44 kgs
b. Pro-Flask - 1000(H) x 480(W) x 620(D) mm – 40 kgs

What are the consumables required for the machine?

Additives: Degreaser, Deodorizer, salt
Utilities: Water & Electricity

How much input flow rate and pressure of tap water required to connect the machine?

a. Input flowrate > 10 litres/min.
b. Pressure – 2 to 4 barg

How much power is consumed per hour by the machine?

1.15 Kw

What is the input voltage and current required to run this machine?

230 V AC. 5 Amps 50 Hz

Is there any safety concern to run this machine?

The machine needs to be installed in a properly ventilated room, so that hydrogen gas liberated in small amounts should escape through doors or windows. For safety requisites, refer User Manual supplied with the machine.

What are the hazards when working around this machine?

• Hydrogen is liberated while concentrated disinfectant is generated.
• Output of the machine should not be drunk under any circumstances.
• Refer to the User Manual supplied with the machine.

What is the technical principal involved in the operation of the machine?

It works on the principle of electrolysis of salt water using controlled current supply.

Is this machine certified by an authorized agency?

a. The machine is CE certified
b. ISO 9001
C. ISO 45001
D. ISO 14001

Is this machine recommended for commercial purposes?

Yes, it is very much recommended for all external cleaning & disinfection purposes in commercial establishments.

What are waste generated by the machine?

No waste is generated by the machine.

What is the shelf life of generated cleaning and disinfectant products/recipes?

Cleaning and disinfectant products are ready to use, however it can be stored upto three months at temperature <20C in dark conditions.

Who can operate the machine?

It is very user-friendly & can be operated by any housekeeping staff. The user only needs to operate the touch screen and select recipes.

Does this machine require annual maintenance? If yes, do you have a provision for an Annual maintenance contract?

Yes, The annual maintenance contract is provided after 1 year from purchasing.

Does the company have on-site technical expert team to resolve issues related with machine?

Yes, each distributor will have a technical expert. Also a centralized support team will be present to provide any technical assistance online via internet connectivity.

What would be the warranty of the machine?

15 months from purchase or 12 months from installation of machine, whichever is earlier.

On which parts of the machine, warranty will be applicable?

BDD, Pumps, Valves, PCB and Screen, Power supplies warranty will be effective only for manufacturing defects.

How many Indian languages options are available for this machine?

Currently, mode of language would be English.

Have these products gone through effectivity tests against bacteria, fungi, viruses? If yes, what is the effectiveness of the solution?

Yes, 99.99% of bacteria, fungi, viruses can be killed.

Is it necessary to have continuous water supply to run this machine?

Yes, to dispense inlet water supply is necessary with water quality as specified in User Manual.

Is this machine movable?

Yes, the machine is placed on stands with wheels at the bottom. The water from the tanks inside should be removed to avoid spillage, if the machine has to be moved to far places.

Is it necessary to have wall mounting?

No. Machine can be placed on a plastic stand or a fixed non corrosive metallic stand.

How to dispose of the disinfectant solution after cleaning and not using the disinfectant solution for a long time?

The remaining disinfectant solution after cleaning can be disposed of into the drain pipe.

What are the input water quality parameters required to run this machine efficiently?

a) Quality of Input Water specifications:
i. Recommended purified water
ii. Otherwise water with the following specification is acceptable:
iii. pH (6.5 to 8)
iv. TDS ( < 60 ppm )
v. Temperature ( < 30 °C)
vi. Turbidity ( <5 NTU)
vii. Hardness ( <50 ppm)
viii. Total Organic Carbon <1mg /l
ix. Total bacterial and fungal Count <100CFU /ml( pathogen like E.coli, Salmonella, S. aureus, Pseudomonas should be absent)
x. Pressure 2 to 4 barg
xi. Flow rate ( > 10 L / min)